Experts of Service Invest Ltd. have worked out and successfully applied the technology of repair and insulation works on cutting off migration routes of reservoir waters along the wellbore using a sliding tool of their own production, a column type router of the FKR type and an expander PP type, and an expanding oil well RTM- 75, developed in the research laboratory of the enterprise.

The RIR technology allows to extend the operation of flooded wells. We use the following methods for cutting off and isolating water inflows:

the cut-off method, when the formation water directly underlies the productive horizon;
a method of isolating the underlying horizons in order to organize the PAP in the required reservoir;
method of cutting off the water inflow with subsequent drainage of the filter for unstable lithology of productive horizons.
The design and execution of works are carried out by highly qualified specialists who have many years of practical experience in cutting out casing sections, expanding boreholes and preparing a cement slurry with the necessary rheological properties.