The testing laboratory of drilling fluids and the laboratory of well casing LLC Service Invest constitute a research base with a full cycle of research on the creation and implementation of new promising developments in the field of drilling flushing, buffer liquids and cement materials.

Laboratories are equipped with instruments for monitoring the quality of reagents and drilling fluid parameters according to the standards:

  • API 13A
  • API 13I
  • API R.P. 13B-1
  • API R.P. 13B-2
  • ГОСТ Р 50497–52
  • ГОСТ 2477–65
  • ГОСТ 12329–77
  • ГОСТ 8253–79
  • ГОСТ 9.905–82
  • ГОСТ 25796–83
  • ГОСТ 4682–84
  • ГОСТ 3900–85
  • ГОСТ 20297–91
  • ГОСТ 3594–93
  • ТУ 6-55-40-90

Studies of drilling fluids and their components

The laboratory of drilling fluids measure the parameters of drilling fluids and control the quality of reagents by standard and non-standard methods. Laboratory specialists are engaged in the development of water-based drilling mud formulations: biopolymer, without solid phase with high density, aerated drilling mud with low density, process fluids without solid phase; and hydrocarbon-based: invert-emulsion solutions for various environmental requirements. The laboratory searches, selects and, if necessary, synthesizes new reagents used as components of drilling fluids.

Core and formation fluid studies

The laboratory of drilling fluids conducts research on the effects of drilling fluids and process fluids on reservoir properties of the bottomhole formation zone.

Studies of cement materials, mortars and cement stone

The well casing laboratory analyzes and controls the quality of base cements, chemicals and additives used in well cementing, identifies the reasons for the poor casing casing quality. Laboratory specialists are developing formulations of grouting materials to improve the quality of seam separation in the interval of productive horizons and to prevent the occurrence of overflows during casing fastening. Searches and selects components of grouting materials for developing recipes for grouting materials taking into account features of the field