The laboratory of technical diagnostics, non-destructive and destructive testing, LLC “Service Invest” is a center for the study of materials, especially metals and alloys, by destructive and non-destructive testing methods. The laboratory has a staff of certified specialists in the VIC and UZK. All laboratory equipment is certified and has certificates of calibration and calibration.

For non-destructive testing, the following types are used (methods)

  1. Acoustic method, represented by ultrasonic flaw detection and thickness measurement.
  2. Visual and measurement method.
  3. The method of control penetrating substances capillary.
  4. Eddy current and fluxgate control.
  5. Chemical analysis of metals and alloys.

Laboratory TD, N and RK is equipped with the following modern non-destructive testing instruments

  1. Ultrasonic flaw detectors “EPOCH LT” – for quality control of the main material and welded joints.
  2. Ultrasonic thickness gauges А1209 – for thickness measurements of metals and alloys.
  3. Digital video and photo equipment – for fixing the results of control.
  4. Coating thickness gauge Elcometer – for measuring the thickness of coatings on ferromagnetic and non-magnetic substrates.
    Flaw detectors VD-70, F-205.30A – to detect surface defects.
  5. Optical emission spectrometer “FOUNDRY-MASTER”, “PMI-Master PRO” and X-MET 7500 portable X-ray fluorescence analyzer – for chemical analysis of materials.

The laboratory of non-destructive testing provides a range of work

  1. On non-destructive testing in the implementation of industrial safety expertise
  2. Diagnostics and certification of technical devices and industrial equipment of hazardous production facilities
  3. Non-destructive testing of base metal, welded joints of components and equipment parts.

The list of objects of control, to which experts of non-destructive testing are certified

Lifting facilities:
Gas and oil industry equipment:
well drilling equipment
well operation equipment
well development and repair equipment
Explosion-hazard and chemically hazardous equipment:
equipment of chemical, petrochemical and oil refining industries operating under pressure up to 16 MPa
Objects of boiler supervision:
steam and hot water boilers
electric boilers
vessels operating under pressure above 0.07 MPa
steam and hot water pipelines with a working steam pressure of more than 0.07 MPa and a water temperature of more than 115 ° C.

In the laboratory of TD, H and RK, the following destructive types of material control can be performed

Determination of mechanical properties.
Investigation of microstructure.