Service Invest LLC handles telemetry, logging, drilling mud preparation and supplying high-tech oil and gas equipment for petroleum refining and petroleum chemical complexes in Azerbaijan, Turkey, the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan.
Our main activities:
– Telemetry

– Oil and gas separators
– Backup samplers
– Steam gas turbine boilers
– Fittings
– Drilling mud services
– Drill bit services
– Core sampling
– Hole opening
– Directional drilling
– Well design preparations
– Top drive maintenance and repair
– Construction and maintenance of compressor stations (oil refineries, compressor stations)
– Oil & gas equipment supply Service Invest LLC is the official representative of some highly reputable and prestigious companies, including, inter alia, the following:
– BORSIG ZM Compression GmbH, a German compressor manufacture with a 200-year history. This manufacturer offers a full range of services from design and manufacturing to installation and subsequent maintenance of compressors and compressor stations. BORSIG ZM offers a unique product which is tailor-made to meet your needs.

– EVONIK Industries AG, a German manufacturer of chemical products, which is the world leader in promising areas of special chemistry.
– BOTIL OIL TOOLS INDIA PVT LTD, an Indian producer of oilfield and drilling equipment, which is positioned as a leading company in the world market.
Every year, we are developing to maintain our
leading position in the market of drilling and well maintenance services.