In addition to our maintenance services, another important field of our Company’s activity is
major repair of drilling equipment. This is especially significant now, as the consequences of
the financial crisis have not yet been overcome, and as a result for many businesses this is not a
convenient time to re-equip.
Orders for major repairs of drilling equipment components are assigned to our Company’s
partner or subsidiary production plants.
Across the range of equipment listed below, our experts provide disassembling, assembling and
defect detection, including current and major repair work.
1 Torque tubes of drilling rig drawworks (hoisting equipment);
2 Line shafts;
3 Hoisting swivels;
4 Safety valves for drilling (mud) pumps;
5 QRVs (quick release valves) of airflex type clutch;
6 Main circulation system of drilling (mud) pumps;
7 Fluidents for drilling (mud) pumps;
8 Gearboxes for drilling rigs;
9 BOP sets, including the separate units such as ram and annular preventers, and cross
beams, spools and hydraulic control system panels, as well as subpanels, kill / choke manifolds,
gas separators, blowing lines of manifolds, valves, chokes;
10 Torque wrenches;
11 RTs;
12 Block hooks and jibs;
13 Hydraulic transformers;
14 Drill manifolds;
15 Chain compounds and drives.