Steel tanks
One of the main activities of our company is the production of storage tanks for various petroleum products. We offer a wide range of reservoir tanks, namely:

horizontal or vertical;
rectangular or cylindrical;
single-wall and double-walled;
with flat or conical end walls (bottoms).
The volume of the tank or tank, depending on the model, varies from 5 to 200 cubic meters. If necessary, it is possible to manufacture containers for external and underground location with appropriate surface treatment with protective anti-corrosion paints, several layers of RBM, primer or coating according to the method of cold galvanizing. The client chooses – we create.

We offer the production of tanks and fuel tanks from high-quality domestic and imported stainless steel on modern, state-of-the-art equipment. It is the use of materials of such high quality that allows us to offer the manufacture of tanks and metal containers of various kinds at low prices.

Due to the high qualifications of our specialists, the excellent quality of modern certified materials and the latest imported components, our company can guarantee a high level of manufacturing of water tanks and fuel tanks.

Depending on the request of the Customer, the manufacture of tanks is possible horizontal and vertical execution according to the standard or individual project of the Customer.

Tanks (capacities) steel welded cylindrical single-wall and double-walled with a capacity: 3m³, 5m³, 10m³, 25m³, 50m³, 60m³, 75m³, 100m³, 150m³, 200m³ with conical bottoms or flat bottoms. For aboveground and underground installation. Storage tanks for light and dark petroleum products, as well as fire stocks of industrial and drinking water. Tanks (reservoirs) underground horizontal drainage for storage of light and dark oil products, oil, oils, condensate at the enterprises of oil refining, petrochemical, oil and gas industries. Tanks according to customer drawings or sample albums of any steel